Welcome To The Christian Foundation Website Network

We Leverage Technology to help Christian Organizations Establish Web Presence and Build Congregation. 

Web design

Ease your financial and scheduling burden with a free website on our network. We'll provide the hosting and design, you just supply the content.


Establish a web and social presence to bring your ministry to a larger audience and grow your congregation in the process.


Having a dependable cloud based website allows you to feature sermons, programs, and other outreach efforts. Go ahead. Let us share your burden.

We've Been at This a While...

Working Process

The Christian Foundation is a non-profit outreach program, chartered to assist Christian churches and organizations with technology and digital marketing. 

Over 20 years of design, hosting, and digital marketing expertise is provided by our technology provider, The Rovin Network.

Our parent organization is Legacy Ministry Associates, a cutting edge Church Legacy Ministry Program Management Agency.

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